The Week that Was in Gaming News (Feb/05-Feb/13)

This week saw X10 hit San Francisco and along with it, the showcasing of the 360’s heavy hitters in the form of exclusives like Alan Wake, Crackdown 2 and Halo: Reach. While Bioshock released also this week, both this and Mass Effect 2 had nuisances revealed forcing the developer to address…or not address in both cases.  Here’s what else got our attention.

Around the Web

Sonic returns to it’s roots
Following the successful return to 2D platforming with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and after countless attempts to bring Sonic to the 3D platforming arena with mixed reviews (most or all being flops after Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 for the Dreamcast), Sega will be bringing their mascot back to the source of it’s original success picking up where the original Genesis titles left off.  Let’s just hope it’s not too late before the Sega mascot fades from a household name to 2nd rate obscurity.;thumb;1&mode=previews

Facebook goes FPS
After rejecting thousands of requests to join lame facebook game communities like Mafia Wars and Farmville, 3G looks to finally try convince me to click on the accept button.

Bioware won’t/can’t fix Mass Effect 2 text problem for SD player

Though it may seem like a necessity to game in this generation (unless your a Wii owner only) in High Definition, there are still quite a number of people stuck in SD.  So when one of the hottest titles so far this year lays out their text in a way unreadable to those playing in Standard Definition, you might expect a patch to have it fixed for this still significant segment….unless it is unfixable.

2K won’t/can’t add gamepad support to Bioshock 2 for the PC
Then there’s the situation when an option (like gamepad support) looks like it could be easily made available for a format (like PC) where the majority of users would use another control scheme anyways (like keyboard and mouse) for a genre like FPS.

Alan Wake is 360 exclusive exclusive

Games exclusive to Microsoft would usually make thier way to the 360 and most likely (but not always) to the PC, unfortunately this won’t be the case for Alan Wake…even though it was originally was meant for both.

Uncharted 2 lives on!
Thought you were down with Uncharted 2?  Not just yet as the multiplayers is slated for a significant spruce up with more skins, maps and tropjhies.

What we reviewed

WiiWare double review: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World/Pokemon Rumble

Our Top 5

Microsoft X10 (San Francisco)

Final Fantasy XIII lead sponsor of NBA All-Star Game
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Announced
Bad Company 2 set to break EA demo download record

~ by consolecreatures on February 14, 2010.

One Response to “The Week that Was in Gaming News (Feb/05-Feb/13)”

  1. I was playing Modern Warfare 2 Today, in the middle of the menu the game freezes.

    I turned it off and turned it back on. No Blu-Rays play. No CDs. nothing. It appears they dont even spin.

    I have System Software Ver. 3.15 on a 40gb 2-3 year old system. Has any one else found a fix?

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