Whatcha Playin’ Halloween 2009 Weekend

whatcha playinOct30

profile picYou’d figure after all this time spent on Forza 3, I’d have it all out of my system.  WRONG!  Now that it’s officially been released, it’s time to practice my skills in multiplayer land with all the folks who ran out to buy the game this week.  Once I get tired of the top-spot on the podium, I’ll spend a bunch of time and quite a few sets of virtual rubber practicing my drifting skills up and down Fujiyama.  When I’m not playing the Xbox, I’ll be hitting the town Halloween night in a costume that is yet to be determined.  That and watching my beloved Leafs struggle through another season.  Nothing more frightening on Halloween night than the Leafs on a road trip!  Zoltan N.
Gamertag: zzzoltan

MeThis week I’m playing Borderlands, the very game I just finished off a review for. I’m about 60% of the way through and fully intending to finish it. When I’m not at home to play that, chances are I’ve whipped out my DS and I’m playing more Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, which I’ve already finished but at this point I’m trying to complete all challenges and missions; once I do that I’ll probably work on going insane with anticipation over the forthcoming KH, Birth by Sleep, which I’ll probably end up getting a PSP for just so I can play it. I’ve also got my eye on Fifa 10, which my dad is eventually going to sit down and play… When he does, I’ll check it out and see if it’s the sports game that finally converts me to appreciating that genre.  Mike D.
Gamertag: Retneug

photo2It’s gonna be a pretty scary weekend folks…and I don’t mean because Zoli will be wearin’ a Mullet while playin’ Forza 3 all weekend- not cool. I’m diving into GTA: Episodes from Liberty City complete with super-cool EFLC T-Shirt!  I think Nicholas from Rockstar games felt bad that the Chinatown Wars Papercraft Model kits he sent us were so impossible, we all got ulcers! We also got a stack of gaming accessories from our friends at INTEC including their portable drums for RockBand and a Wii Balance board – Yoga Time!!!! I Might try to fire up Cake Mania 3, but it makes me really hungry though. Don forget to watch some HORROR movies.  James  S.

DSC00430I’ve been on the fence if I should buy the regular edition of DJ Hero or spring the extra $80+ for the Renegade edition that includes the exclusive Jay-Z/Eminem double cd (which I’m not interested in), the carrying case/table and the premiere edition of the turntable controller.  I’m surveying my friends who bought one or the other to see if the turntable is that much better in the Renegade edition, or if I should save my money for the somewhat pricey DLC that has already started.  Other than that I picked up Tekken 6 and am ready to challenge the world with my Asian skills at fighting games.  For some reason, I also picked up Ashes Cricket 2009 for my PC and I am determined to learn the rules of that sport so that I can play this properly…because right now I’m totally lost.   To keep in my otherwise non existent Haloween spirit, I’ll put some time in with the surprisingly enjoyable SAW for my PC.  Sean C.
PSN/Steam: shonathan

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